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What should be noted is Fish and Game report that 50% of those who used fire arms suffered injury, bear spray, not nearly so much or bad.
Hmmmm... People using guns in defense were injured about 50% of the time and people who used bear spray escaped injury "most of the time." I am not sure how much their "most" is but most could be as low as 50.1% of the time.

If you have a better source of data for what the numbers actually are, I would be interested. All I could find is fact sheet #8.

Don't get me wrong here. I am a fan of pepper spray and figure it is a good tool to have. I just want to know what the actual comparative data really are as to deployment for defense.

I haven't purchased bear spray in years, but in the olden days, you had to stop and shake the can before spraying, lest you not actually spray much of the active ingredient. I don't know what spray the guys in the OP had, but if it required shaking before deployment, it would have been much less effective than if it had been properly prepared.
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