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I'm in agreement with big al , OP needs to first realistically determine max shooting distances and size of targets. A standard NRA target uses a 6 MOA black area relative to distance. (a 100 yd target is 6" dia black, and a 300 yd target is 18" dia black) so for 100-200 yds a 6x or 8x optic is all that's really needed. However trying to ring a 6" gong at 300 yds you will be better served with 12-16X. Remember if unsure of distances and target size , you can always dial down magnification on a higher power scope, you can't dial "up" a fixed power scope. If I had a 16" AR10 I would probably run a nice 4-12X as a good "all around" <300 yd combo. A 16" .30 cal rifle can reach 500 yds with good consistency, not sure I would be confident with a 16" bbl beyond 500 yds. I shoot a lot of different rifle/ scope combos out to 600 yds regularly, and i've shot 1K a few times. These are strictly just my opinions.
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