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I'm really wondering if a shorty 308 can make good use of 12+ magnification optic?
That is a personal decision that only you can make....but I will try to help you decide.

It is still a rifle, and you are not loosing that much velocity. For me it is not the cartridge that determines the power of the optics. The target size and distance are of more importance. Small targets at long range need more power. I have a 22 LR with a 6-16 power scope. For what I do with it I would have as much fun using iron sights....but I have another 22 for that. This set up is great for plinking empty shotgun shell casings at 25 yards, hunting grouse, and punching holes in paper while my hunting rifles cool down The scope makes it easy for my kids to use the rifle too. (They are young and still learning)

You didn't say what your intended use is. But I assume since you listed multiple sight types that you haven't decided, or you plan to switch sights for the task at hand.. Are you planning to use this rifle for a specific purpose?
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