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What should be noted is Fish and Game report that 50% of those who used fire arms suffered injury, bear spray, not nearly so much or bad.

Most people do not have a clue how fast bears can move. Cocked, unlocked, loaded and aimed you might get one shot off (depends on how the nerves are doing if it hits)

I do like the one report, a gun is the only lethal response. Hmm, and the goal here is? Kill something or survive to have a good day latter, maybe?

And you do not know even if you are loaded and aimed if you will kill it.

I have seen some evidence that massive trauma from a higher cap magazine be it pistol or semi auto may be effective (so fare 3 out of 3 I know of) - too small a sampling and only one was supposedly threatened though I am skeptical of that.

What we can say, sadly for the mans family, situational awareness was not in play, all parties should have had bear spray, at least one person should have been on guard.
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