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The classic 19's reputation kinda grew bigger than the pistol in some ways. It is, and was, a very fine handgun. It fit the hand well with a whole slew of grips available, and it was unheard of to have accuracy issues. It's drawback was it's frame strength. S&W recommended that they be shot way much more with .38SPL loads and only qualifications be carried out with full house .357 loads. They were a far sight more comfortable to carry than the bigger N-framed pistols. I wouldn't give my 19-4 up for a whole truck load of speckled pups.

The smoothness of the action was better than the Ruger. And, in my experience, they felt better than a great many Colt Trooper I's, II's, and III's that I've felt. A good trigger job could bring it on par with some of the other Colts. The benefit over the Colts were the number and operation of the interior parts- there were fewer and simpler parts in a S&W. The Colt had a habit of making parts do two or three different things, and it took a fairly well trained man to diagnose and correct Colt problems once they wore 'out of time'.

And, I wish I could remember, but early Silhouette and/or other target shooters use to either put Colt Barrels on S&Ws or vicey versy.

I assume the new ones are as good or maybe even better than the old ones. I just can't bring myself to appreciate not seeing a firing pin nose on a new hammer. And, there are still plenty of folks who bemoan the MIM parts used on modern firearms. I don't like it, but then again- I have never seen such a part fail.
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I'm going to use the words "clip" and "Long Colt" every chance I get. It grinds my gears to see new members attacked when we all know dang good and well what's being refered to.
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