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Changes it, but if you get a halfway decent suppressor, improves or at least maintains the accuracy.
This is a bit of a myth. It isn't the suppressor's quality that affects accuracy. I know at one time some companies made a big deal out of saying their suppressors would tighten groups, but that just wasn't accurate. You can put on two or more different high quality suppressors (not at the same time) and get differing group sizes. The issue on accuracy is going to be how much the suppressor changes the barrel's harmonics. You may find that things stay the same or get better with a given ammo. You may find that things get worse with one type of ammo, but improve with another. In other words, adding a suppressor may mean find ammo that works best with that barrel/suppressor combination just like you might have done originally for the rifle before you bought the suppressor.

POI will drop in most cases, so you will need to re-zero.
You will only need to rezero if the POI changes and it probably will as noted. I have only witnessed one rifle that didn't have a POI change at 100 yards, although I understand it happens occasionally and you can find a YouTube vid or two that show it.

POI will usually go down as noted and from what I have seen, also goes down to the left. However, there are some Youtube vids that demonstrate down and left, down, down and right, and in a couple of cases, POI actually moved higher.

1-2 MOA off isn't uncommon when adding a suppressor. I have seen as much as 7 MOA.
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