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Dawn Hand Renewal contains ammonia...

"Go look at the MSDS.
And you will see that Dawn is a soap!
No ammonia in it at all. "

The following are a couple of ingredients from P&G's ingredients list (found at which are made utilizing ammonia:

alkyl dimethyl amine oxide

Dimethyl Amine specifically is made using ammonia salts such as Ammonia Nitrate.

Also keep in mind that an amine is NH2 (its an anion). It will collect another H from water to form ammonia.

As those of you who have taken chemistry, you are aware that when in an aqueous solution, everything will continually change (at varying rates) into various components (parents and daughters) until equilibrium has been reached (when a stability is reached where chemicals change from one form to the other and back again without disturbing the balance). Thus the soap will and does release ammonia when mixed into water.

My room mate was so kind as to demonstrate this with my fish tank and my dawn dish soap. Petco even did water tests... I was responsible and got the water checked first before making judgement call (it smelled like my dish soap and was sudsing, but I still got it tested). In any event, the majority of readings were within the normal-ish range considering, but the amount of nitrates due to the ammonia was extremely high. He had to have dumped half a cup into the tank. *sighs* In any event, very bad for the fish, but good for this posting.
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