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Several tidbits to throw out. All ammonium compounds are not the same as ammonia gas dissolved in water, which is just one such compound (ammonium hydroxide). I don't see any reason they should all react with brass, or at leas not all quickly. I doubt ammonium chloride or ammonium carbonate would do much to it within a reasonable time period.

Lots of people not only use Dawn or other dishwashing liquids to clean cases (the old NRA formula has a teaspoon of the stuff in it, IIRC), but many have recommended coating brass with straight dishwashing liquid and letting it dry out a bit to serve as the case lube for sizing. I've not heard of any ill effects. Keep in mind that most specialty greases, like lithium or aluminum based wheel bearing greases are soaps.

If you have doubt about a product, keep a few odd .22 rimfire cases around for testing. Let them soak in the unknown product for for a week. If there is no green or blue and if the surface of the brass doesn't appear roughened by etching, you are likely good to go.
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