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Lots of fun

For any of you that have ever done at 10/22 custom build, what direction did you go? Thanks
I have and being a deplorable, I choose to keep as much of my money, in my pocket. ,,.....

I'm understanding that yo have a stock 10/22. you are more than half-way there. I'm of aware of how deep you want to go, so I take this path. ....

1) I replace the OEM with a Volts target hammer kit..... About $36.00
2) I install a Poly buffer. ... About $6.00
3) I modify the Bolt release ...... $0.00
4) I may replace the OEM stock with a Boyd, of "my" choosing.
5) I may replace the OEM barrel with a Kidd. .... ???
6) I may replace the OEM trigger with a Target trigger .... About $30.00

The biggest bang for you buck, will come from the Volts Target Hammer. One nice part of all this adventure is you can reverse the process and go back to OEM

Have fun and;
Keep Safe !!!
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