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I sell a lot of Silencerco products, and wholly agree the Octane 9 is a wonderful can for all the reasons you mention and more. That said, I think the Liberty Mystic deserves to be in the conversation when we're talking about best pistol cans on the market. Compared to the Octane 9 it's a little heavier, but it's also less expensive, better looking, and rated for a much wider range of uses. The Mystic first got my interest when looking at 9mm cans that could also be used for 300 BLK, and looking at the Mystic I found it's rated for a variety of different calibers including 223, 7.62x39, and 300 BLK in either subsonic or supersonic.

So I love the Octane, don't get me wrong. But I really do think the Mystic deserves some consideration if we're talking best pistol can on the market.
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