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The SWR Octane: Best Pistol Can on the Market?

For those of you contemplating your first suppressor purchase, might I suggest my favorite pistol can on the market, the Octane? After deciding between the SWR Octane 9, the Silencerco Osprey 9, and the AAC Ti-Rant 9, I decided on the Octane. Here's why:

-All three are pretty much the same as far as loudness; they're all pretty darn quiet.
-They're all about the same size and are all within an ounce of each other.
-The Octane and the Ti-Rant are the only ones that can be disassembled.
-The Octane and the Ti-Rant are the only ones that can have their piston mount changed out without a tool.
-The Octane is the only one that can be disassembled without tools.
-The Octane is the only one with all stainless steel baffles; the Osprey has aluminum baffles with a stainless first baffle and the Ti-Rant has all aluminum baffles (the titanium in the Ti-Rant is just the tube, which mostly just makes the finish come off if you look at it wrong).
-The Osprey and the Octane are the only ones with 5/8x24 mounts available for mounting on a 300 Blackout rifle (subsonic only).
-The Octane is the only one that works well with .22. The Ti-Rant and Octane both come apart for cleaning, but if you shoot .22 in the Ti-Rant the baffles will basically weld themselves into the tube because of the baffle design. And the aluminum baffles will make it much harder to clean (you can't use the dip, for example). The Octane's baffles are stainless and designed in such a way to keep almost all the fouling inside the baffles; it's basically a Spectre 2 but bigger. (This also helps make the Octane extremely strong). Because of this baffle design the Octane is MUCH easier to clean when leaded up than any other center-fire pistol can on the market. And after shooting the Octane 9 on a Ruger MkIII after a company rep suggested it, I can tell you it's quieter with .22 than any dedicated .22 can on the market.

So, to sum it up, the Octane is in the top tier of the quietest pistol cans on the market, it's user serviceable, has stainless steel baffles, can be completely disassembled without tools, can be mounted on almost anything you can think of (including 300 Blackout rifles and HK MP5 3-lug mounts), and it also works great on a .22 and is quieter with .22 than any dedicated .22 can out there. That's why it's my favorite pistol can on the market right now.
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