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Originally Posted by the possum View Post
Seems like the responses are unanimous. The Predator it is. If I decide to follow through with it, of course. It doesn't have the same feel and balance as the skinny barrel version, and I'd rather have at least 20" of barrel length, but if the difference in performance is that big a deal, I'll gladly defer to all your experience.

That's why I said "semi" standardized. I can use the same reloading dies, and likely share bullets and powder. And I'll stay within SAAMI standards, so even if a given load isn't the most accurate in one rifle, at least I can still use it in a pinch, unlike a totally different caliber.
It is unanimous, and FWIW, I agree. I have both, and this thread lead me to discover that they released the 7mm-08 in the Predator, so I'm going to have to have me that!

I have the Standard American in 7mm-08 and the Predator in .223. Both are great, but I like the predator the best over all.

I have also found that the optic in place makes a big difference on the balance of the weight, so you may still end up getting a good heft even with the heavier front end.

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