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Well T.O. ypur partially, well somewhat, about half....
No, your wrong...

The simple physics of it is that a shorter barrel, is more inherently stiff. Thereby creating more repeatable accuracy.
This is not to say that a long thin barrel cannot be accurate, even at ranges out to 1,000 yards or more. Just not as repeatable over a string of shots.

While a long barrel will give more velocity, if it's a heavy barrel also the added velocity will help accuracy in reduced flight time of the bullet to reach it's objective. Hence giving the bullet less time to be deflected by wind.
This is usually compensated for by using a heavier bullet with a higher ballistic coefficient.

Examples would be akin to shooting a Weatherby magnum with a 26" barrel, vs a Savage 10FP with a 20" barrel.
Both are plenty accurate, but the 10FP is more repeatable

To The Possum,
I'd go with the Predator, for the reasons others have previously stated.
Heavier barrel.
One piecs scope rail.
Magazine system. .
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