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Get the Predator and get the one that takes AI magazines. The cost of the rifles is the same, the cost of spare magazines is the same. The AI style magazines are far, far better. Ruger should drop the 4 round rotary magazines on all of those rifles and convert them all to use the AI mags.

They feed and function just fine I've had 2 of the rotary magazines break recently when dropped on a carpeted floor when loaded with ammo. Ruger will gladly and promptly replace them. But not something I trust.

If someone has a short action and doesn't want to buy another that uses the AI magazine buy a spare 450 BM magazine. They function great with 308 class cartridges and are a much better magazine than the 4 round rotary magazines.

The supplied 3 round mag doesn't protrude far enough to be problem. Even the 5 round version isn't bad. I have a 10 round mag, but wouldn't want to carry it much. Fine for range use.

Magpul makes a 5 round magazine that can be found cheaper than the Ruger version and there is a tab that can be broken off the bottom of the follower to convert it to 6 rounds. Some places have a 5 round limit for hunting and people living in those states can leave the tab in place.
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