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Ruger American: standard vs. predator?

I've been kicking around the idea of buying another gun I don't need. I'm just getting tempted by all these cheap entry level bolt actions, since so many guys rave about them.

If I do get one, it will be in .308, since I already have two other rifles in this caliber and would like to semi-standardize my ammo inventory.

What would I use it for? Well, mostly for fun. Long range plinking- dirt clods out in the fields at 500 yards and beyond. Punching paper in the back yard. Blasting stuff at the junk pile. Maybe a coyote if one happens by. (Can't use rifles on deer here in Illannoy.) I have a badly bubba'ed Mosin Nagant for this pupose now, and a Ruger would be a direct upgrade. I'd use surplus ammo for blastin', but plan to work up an accurate handload for bench shooting.

I have handled and compared several rifles in a store, like the Mossberg Patriot, Savage Axis, TC Compass, and Ruger American, and like the Ruger best overall. But I'm still torn between the standard model American vs. the Predator.

Reason is mainly because I LOVE the feel and balance of that light long barrel on the standard model. But I would rather have the better magazines of the Predator. And I'm not sure how different I could expect them to behave in the accuracy department. I'm assuming the heavier barrel on the Predator would not be affected by heat as much, after firing a string of shots. But does the thinner barrel on the standard model really have any problems here? Any owners that could contrast accuracy for me?
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