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If you are able to hit them, they are close enough to hit you.
The OP mentioned home defense. You can hit someone with a bolt gun at, oh let's say, 300 yds. That won't generally qualify as your general home defense scenario. Rarely have I heard of a home invader who sniped occupants from the tree line before entering the house.

But a 5-6 lb 223 or 308 with an 18-20" barrel and the right ammo wouldn't be that bad.
Even with these choices your likely at more than double the velocity of a handgun. Home defense implies close quarters. A .308 firing just about any bullet (I guess you could have loaded your home defense .308 scout rifle with 110 grain varmigeddons) at 12' is going to pass through, unless perhaps you shoot someone sideways through the pelvis.

It should be noted that this whole thread has me laughing good-naturedly.

"This is God's universe, and he has a plan. You might think that you have a better plan, but you don't have a universe." - Dr. J.V. McGee

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