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If a Bolt Action Rifle is what you have, then you make it work for you. It is a whole lot better than a club of some sort. But there are better choices IMHO. A short barreled Pump or Semi Auto Shotgun in a 12 gauge with heavy shot for one. Or a short barreled Semi Auto Carbine, such as an Old 30 Cal M-1 Carbine loaded with soft point ammo in a 30 round magazine or both. These are two of my all time personal favorites, and they work for me. As far as handguns go, I prefer Long Barreled Glocks such as 17L`s in 9mm or a model 24 in 40SW with extended magazines for house guns. And an easy to turn off and on light on each one of these firearms. I have always found extended round magazines to be very comforting, in the dark when I am scared. You will just have to trust me on that last statement.
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