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They'll work fine, as long as you don't get mobbed by more than 5 people.
I wonder what the odds are of the rest of the gang doing a banzai charge on you after you've center punched 1-3 or even all 5 with a .30 caliber deer rifle or milsurp??? (and if you use an SMLE, you get 10 shots before empty )

Bolt action centerfire rifle inside the house? Lots of better choices, if you have the choice. All the drawbacks of a long gun inside the hour, more than enough power to go through several regular house walls (possibly even after going through the bad guy), blast and flash to rival a flash bang grenade, and compared to other actions, a slower working speed getting off follow on shots, and the joy of being deaf for a period of time, with some permanent hearing damage for good measure.

If its all you got, its all you got, but there's an awful lot of guns with superior handling for use indoors.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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