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Actually a "bolt gun" is a device used for stunning animals during slaughter and must be in contact with the victim's skull.
Actually, that is called a "captive bolt gun". It is fired with blanks like those used for power hammers. I worked in a slaughterhouse for 3 years and saw millions of cattle "knocked" with a captive bolt gun. The "bolt" in question is approximately 8" long and has a large head on one end to keep it "captive" inside the "gun" portion. A substantial spring slows the bolt in the last inch or so of travel to keep it from breaking out of the gun. The end of the bolt penetrates about 2"-3" into the animal's head, stunning it. The animal is then killed by "sticking" it, using a knife to open the neck and sever the aortic trunk in the upper thoracic area of the animal. It is quite amazing to watch (for the first few hundred times) 5-10 gallons of blood dump out of an animal all at once.

But I digress.
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