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I have two Remington 700 ADLs that are my two most "go to" hunting rifles these days. Both are in '06. One, built in the mid-90s, has the factory synthetic stock, and the other, a '68 vintage rifle, has a nice walnut stock. The syn-stocked rifle actually weighs a couple of ounces more than the old woodie.

While hunting, I can't tell the difference between them as I use them (as far as weight and "feel"). They both fit me very well, both shoot very good, and I wouldn't do anything to change them. I've used, for the past couple of years, the old woodie '06 for deer hunting, and have developed a load for just that purpose. I killed my mulie buck with it in early October, and generally, the weather is nice during that month in Wyoming; fun carrying that cool old Rem out in the hills.

The newer syn-stocked 700 I use for elk hunting, and have a load I like for it for that purpose. On the mountain, it's usually colder, and possibly wetter than my October hunts out on the plains, so I like that syn-stocked business. I killed my cow elk with it this season the first part of November, lying in the snow, shooting over my daypack. That rifle is about as plain a Jane rifle as one could shoot, but it's a fine and accurate hunting rifle for any weather I might encounter in the high country. Both of my 700s have one-piece Leupold mounts, with fixed power Leupold scopes on them. For me, and for what it's worth, I can't really tell the difference in weight, feel, or performance. They both weigh a bit over 8 and 1/2 pounds without ammo, and again, the syn-stocked '06 weighs a couple of ounces more than the woodie.

I also have a laminated Rem ADL stock I found on ebay that I wanted to try on the syn-stocked rifle, but I have no reason to change anything on it. It just performs too well to mess with it.
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