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Yes, pics would help--both of the underside of the receiver and overall. Is there a screw on the bottom of the receiver/lever apparatus? - a sign of a Pre 64 (later on--80s-90s+--the screw was re-added that, but that was combined with angle eject and safety, so the two eras cannot be confused). If a serial number "appears" 1,600,000 or so would be about 1950, and 2,700,000 or so being close to end of Pre 64 production in 1963. A "long wood" fore-end just (additional 3/8" or so vs Post 50/51) ahead of the rear-most barrel band--assuming a carbine--also an indication of 1950 and earlier (though some 1951s also had). This aspect (along with barrels and stocks etc) of course could have been changed out/swapped later, so talking generalities here. AFAIK, no regular production rifles were made during and post-war up to 1964--only 20" round-barreled carbines, so if it's got the bottom screw combined with longer (26" octagonal or round) or even octagonal 20" "short rifle" barrel configuration--again without the safety and angle eject "features" added later--it'd be Pre War also.

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