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Most first shots are 5 to 15 feet, at most. The rare occasion of a second shot is usually 20 to 45 seconds later (after a short relocation), and 20 to 40 feet, at most. So, choke doesn't matter much, and there is almost always time to reload even the slowest single-shot. I generally don't even bother trying to shoot, unless I have a head shot opportunity (at 10 feet, a 12 ga to the chest doesn't leave much bird to pick up).

Wow....such a different experience described by most of you fellows.
Hunting here in the uplands of NE and Central PA, we see an average of one ruffed grouse an hour.....and that is hunting with a dog.
We find them in huckleberry thickets and amongst Autumn Olives....thickets so brushy sometimes that when my dog is ten feet away and on point, I cannot see her.
In the early season, we frequently hear a bird go but never see the little rocket.
Through the years that I have hunted grouse, I have seen one on a road precisely once. And I was in a car.
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