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I always had a fascination with the 45 Colt. Growing up my greandfather kept one under the counter at his service station, and I know of two BG's it made wish they hadn't tried to rob the place. I have it in my safe now, but there is no way I would try to shoot it. He had it chrome plated some point, and also the indexing is out of alignment and the lands in the barrel are both for the most part non existant. I cannot even imagine how many rounds it has had through it nor what they were comprised of.

That said, I managed to find and procure a Redhawk in the 7.5" version not too long ago. I had been looking for one on and off for half a dozen years when this one showed up on Gunbroker. I made a bid and was lucky enough to win it. It came in the box still wrapped in the plastic, and no signs what so ever of a round ever being fired through it. To say I was happy would be an understatement.

Since picking it up I have shot cast rounds through it ranging from 200 through 310grs and found most every load to shoot well within tolerable limits, and most to shoot exceptionaly well out to 50+ yards. I have used both commercial and my own cast bullets with hardly any difference in accuracy, but I like the ones I pour MUCH better.

I complimented this fine revolver with a couple of the more traditional bullet molds like the Lee 452-255WFN and also a couple of the fine MP molds of the Keith type, the 640 design, and 45 270 SAA. All of these have shot VERY well and like what is pictured above in Sheikyourbootie's picture come with an assortment of HP pins which allow even more versitality over the standard solid version. Not that the standard solids aren't great they are, but adding in a HP to the noses and with the wide range of loads available for this caliber it makes it MUCH more intersting and formidable as well.

I do have my eye out for another one in this caliber I just haven't decided on which one. Quite possibly it will be another one in the Redhawk with the shorter barrel so my wife will have something a bit lighter to shoot, but with enough weight not to recoil so much on her. She shoots my standard RH's just fine from a rest, but she really gets going with the GP100's. So I figure if I am going to be in the dog house I might as well at least have something SHE can use to help shorten my exile.
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