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So is Church property private property or public property? Or something in between? Something in legalese I believe is called a "Public House". This was key during the civil rights debates in the 60s. Blacks had to be allowed into private property open to the public against the will of some property owners. I'm not bashing civil rights, I'm just asking what authority the people have given the government over private property, if any. And, if a property is licensed to operate as a "Public House", does this cause the property owner to forfeit certain rights? If a property is licensed as a "Public House" does this grant the public the same rights there as they have on all public property"? Freedom of speach, protection from unreasonable search & seizure, due process, right to keep & bear arms?, etc

Congressman Ron Paul attempted to bring up the issue of private property rights vs government limitation of those rights during the presidential debates but he couldn't get anyone to listen. This same issue is in play here.
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