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There was the Whitworth rifle that was used during the Civil War. That was a .45 though.
That was a muzzle loaded cartridge, did not use cased ammunition. I cannot imagine a hexagonal cartridge case. Who knows they may have been made, but you don't want sharp stress points on what is nothing more than a gas seal. That would surely create a high percentage of case ruptures. And, how do you extract the thing? With a rotary drill? You don't want the case clinging to the chamber and you don't want to have to unscrew the case from the chamber.

OK, after hearing the comments on another forum, I felt comfortable to do some more cleaning, especially where the primer would have been. After cleaning out more sand, I could see what looked like threads on the inside. Cleaning the top also reveals this to be a single cast piece and not a lead bullet on top. This would indicate that it was indeed some type of decorative nut cap. Thanks for all your help.
Maybe it fell off Santa's sled?
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