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I'd go with a Ruger Single Six...used if you can find if not. It's a quality handgun that you'll never part with....great for training your kids or someone else's and fun for yourself. With the Single Six, you get adjustable sights....makes sighting in a breeze and you're hitting where you're looking.

Too, I prefer the 4-5/8" bbl. on Rugers for its ease of packing when seated in a car, truck, tractor, 4x4 etc. The 5.5" ones stick down a bit too far when holstered in an OWB.

The Convertible model makes sense if you need to rid your barn of coons or possums too. And accuracy with the three that have passed through our family's hands over rthe past decades, has been outstanding...2" or less at 25 yds with most ammunition, better some like Mini-Mags.

Pic below is a New Model Single Six with both mags...the stocks are fiddle back maple I made up some time ago.

Best regards, Rod

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