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I would recommend the Super Single Six because of the adjustable sights. Ger the convertable .22WMR if you want, I have one, I never use the WMR cylinder, just not worth it, to me.

I had a S&W M17-6 with the full underlug barrel 6", got it with the idea of using it for practice as it was the same weight as my .357, but while an accurate and good gun, it just never "did it" for me and eventually I traded it.

Have kept my Super Single Six convertable for about 30 some years now, I don't think there is a better SA .22LR out there for the price.

One thing to have with you is a bore brush on a pistol rod. My Ruger has "tight chambers" and you need to be sure you fully seat the round in the cylinder when loading. A little bit of firing makes that even worse, but a quick pass with a brush once in a while does wonders.

My understanding of how .22 rimfires are made is that the primer, as a drop of liquid is put in the case, then the case is spun so that centrifugal force sends the liquid into the hollow rim where it dries and becomes active primer compound.

Sometimes, the primer is not equally distributed around the rim. If the round doesn't fire, and then you replace it in the chamber so the firing pin hits a different spot and it fires, this is the usual cause. Complete duds are rare, but they do happen sometimes.

If you want the best .22 DA revolver, I'd go with S&W but they aren't cheap, often they cost more than a centerfire. SA revolver? Ruger Single Six, hands down no question in my mind.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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