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Originally Posted by Urbanrecon View Post
Isn't the ability to fire any type of .22 rimfire a trait of all .22 revolvers other than .22 WMR?
If you get the .22 Mag with the spare LR cylinder it's not an issue, but shooting .22 Short down a chamber the length of a .22 Mag is interesting.

OP, if you want to go single action, get a 9 shot Heritage Rough Rider with adjustable sights. They're only available in the 6.5" barrel length tho, so if you want a shorter barrel you'll have to make do with a 6 shot.

If you want to go double action, the only convertible I know of is the Taurus and it's a very large revolver.

I'd suggest getting separate .22 LR and .22 Magnum revolvers.
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