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I agree that folks over at GRT tend to have this sort condescending attitude, so I try not to getting into discussion with them if I don't have to. I pay real money to use microsoft windows. I don't spend much time talking to the company for features I like or don't. I get to use GRT almost for free. So no complaint.

I concur with Franken's comments on light loads. I shoot lighter loads, but I still fine the tool quite useful. It gives me indication of safe zones to work up my own load. Some of the rifle light loads have been very close to the simulation results. Pistol light loads tend to be more off.

I remember there was a gentleman from France trying to analyze his super light 30-30 load with GRT. It was way off. But his load was crazy light, so light that I wouldn't want to fire it myself. He ended up using faster powder if I remember correctly.


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