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well it came pretty close to matching the results from my last range session, not perfect but close

6Br Norma
26 inch barrel 8 twist
CCI 400 primers
IMR 8208
Nosler 107 CC bullets seated .030 off touch
50 F with a 5 to 7 MPH wind directly in my face

here are three of my five round test groups, averaged FPS and Gordons simulation

26.0 gns actual 2512 FPS Gordons 2508 FPS
26.3 gns actual 2536 FPS Gordons 2534 FPS
26.5 gns actual 2561 FPS Gordons 2551 FPS

Not saying it is perfect, but it seems to have 8208 in the 6BR pretty much nailed


At the moment I am more interested in playing with the Barrel Time and Optimal Barrel Time aspect of it for load development than anything else. I have loaded up 40 test rounds for Fridays session with different brands of primers. I chose 26.4 gns which Gordons predicts 2543 FPS and being within .0082 ms of optimal barrel time.

Both the 26.3 and 26.5 loads had nice bughole .4 MOA five round groups in some iffy wind conditions. Velocity consistency was ok , but could have been better. Hence the primer test. I am hoping that 26.4 will perform really well and give me that plus or minus .1 gn buffer I like
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