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WOW! Thanks for the reply’s, lots of good info here. From what I’m seeing popular powders would be Win-231/HP-38 and bullseye. Honorable mention to Unique. A couple of powders I would more associate with shotguns, clays and longshot. Not too familiar with these. Bullets 230gr RN FMJ or plated seem to do fine. Primer size doesn’t seem to matter much, LPP preferred due to availability. To MG’s point about separating brass by head stamp/wall thickness, this makes sense. Will go ahead and break down the batch of brass to account for that. I agree with the philosophy that if I am going to take the time to load bullets for MY guns, they should be the best I can make.

I don’t have to tell you all components are hard to find right now. Will start searching out some of the above. Dies still wont be here for a bit, actually unknown when they will fill the order. I’m not in any rush to begin. Thanks for the insight to my new cal to load for.

If you going to pitch your SPP 45 cases, I might know a guy that would put them to the test.
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