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Of 7 ½ lbs of random range brass I came out with 87 small primer 45’s.
Sounds about right and one of the main reasons I went with LPP cases . Like others I have some SPP cases but not many compared to the other . I'll keep them but have no plans to put them into the rotation .

Sounds like you plane to shoot mixed brass ??? I don't like to and "if" I do it's still separated between thin walled brands and thicker walled brands . Win , Fed , Starline , Speer cases are in the thicker walled cases . R.P. , Aguilia , PMC and a few other I can't think of off the top of my head go in the thinner walled case pile .

The issue I noticed was if I have my crimp set for a light crimp with the thicker walled cases , it pretty much does nothing to the thinner walled cases . The opposite happens if my crimp is set for the thinner walled cases , it puts more crimp then I want on the thicker walled cases .

I've not done any test to see if the crimp inconsistencies have any effect on bullet set back or accuracy but I can feel it in the press when loading and that's enough for me to do the extra separating of the thin and thicker walled cases . I believe this is a by product of me loading match quality rifle cartridges for years before ever loading handgun rounds . After doing all that precision case prep and loading for years to then just not give a care if I'm loading what I know is inconsistent ammo rubs me the wrong way . If every other round I run through the press feels different then the last , it bugs the crap out of me . YMMV ;-)
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