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The exact ring manufacturer will make some difference. Sometimes you can make medium's work with a 50mm scope, but most brands will need high rings. The type of base matters too. I'd go with highs if you insist on a 50mm scope to be sure.

But you don't really gain much with a 50mm scope over a 40mm scope. Except spend a lot more money and have a heavier scope. I have low rings on my Tikka and a 40mm scope.

Theoretically a 50mm scope transmits more light. But the scopes magnification along with objective size go hand in hand. And the human eye can only use so much light, the rest is wasted.

A 40mm scope set on 8X transmits exactly the same amount of light as a 50mm scope set on 10X. And at those magnifications both are letting in all the light a human eye can use. On lower magnifications both are letting more light though than a human can take advantage of.

A 3-9X40 scope will be less than optimal on 9X magnification. A 3-9X50 scope will offer some small advantage only on 9X. At lower magnifications you'll never see any difference. If you were to go to a 4-12X50 scope you'd have a small advantage only at 9X and 10X. Above 10X and you have less than optimal light transmission.

For me, the added costs, size, and weight of a 50mm scope don't justify the small gains.
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