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"...for $149..." That's why. Question is why is it so cheap?
Factory ammo is an issue though. Of the 9 brands/bullet weights Midway lists, only Hornady 170 grain 'American Whitetail' is currently available at $21.99 per 20. Everything else is either not available yet or is on Backorder.
Grafs shows Winchester 180's on sale at $17.89 pr 20. And the Whitetail stuff at $19.69 per 20.
No brass listed at all from Midway. Graf's shows Hornady, Starline and what appears to be 'once fired', semi-processed(cleaned I think).
It uses .357" jacketed bullets. 1 thou won't matter though.
The whole thing is a re-hash of the .351 and .401 Self-Loading. Although the .350 is a bit faster.
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