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Kevinch... and others.

The Makarov I recently aquired is DA/SA. The safety rotates a block under the hammer when put on "safe". Of course the hammer comes down on the blocker (disconcerting when you weren't expecting that).

One of the Makarov eccentricities is the somewhat heavy trigger on DA; it takes getting used to, as in most DA/SAs I'd presume. But by working the DA function often enough, it usually smoothes out. There may be more than this one way to do this DA-only repeatedly enough to smooth out the trigger: but I'd have to decock on every round - which means going to "safe" every round. Since the safety is detented with a spring action, it is stiff and hard on the thumb, and generally requires coming off target enough to have to "reset" the eye/brain/hand/finger fire control solution. It's not like a revolver... you might call this "single shot". But, of course, it would be a practice mode only, in order to get used to the first round DA. The Makarov (mine at least) has a very light SA trigger action - so there's a rather decent change in anticipation and action. Takes a bit of getting used to.

My question (above) grew out of the Makarov's DA/SA characteristics ... just wondering.

For those with any interest in the Makarov: is a veritable wealth of info.

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