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not quite the whole truth

I have not "carried" a G40. True. To allege I have never handled one is false.

The statement that there is "simply a 1 inch longer slide" difference between the G40/G20 is also false. The truth is the G40 slide is 1.42 inches longer than that same part on the G20 (9.02 V. 7.6 inches). Along with that longer slide comes a longer barrel, recoil spring, and guide rod, making the G40 heavier than a G20 by 5.2 ounces. To restate that weight, 5.2 oz is well over a 1/4 of a lb. So the G20 is over 1/4 of a pound lighter than its bigger 10mm bother.

For a handgun that is going to be carried afoot , afield, those numbers matter to me, perhaps not to others. I think it is interesting that one fella that commented suggested the smaller G29 for "ease of carry" and another fellow uses a full blown chest rig to carry the bigger G40. There is something to this portability aspect of a woods pistol. I believe the G20 finds the sweet spot in power v. portability.

I hate to draw the G34/35 into this discussion, but it's been done already so I will expand on it a bit. About a decade ago, the AL Conservation Officers were issued G35's,and to the best of my knowledge, still carry them. A G35 is 8.82" in overall length. The "practical/tactical" Glocks were almost universally despised, one reason being the G35's were longer than the previous issue pistol (which I think was a Beretta compact). They were deemed awkward in a duty belt rig, gouging when in and out of a vehicle, astride an ATV, in handling other gear and equipment, and afoot in the woods. These outdoor pros disliked the 8.82" overall length of the G35. The G40 is a full .67"(well over half inch) longer and far heavier than the G35. The G20 is .80" shorter than a G35, over 3/4", they might have liked that.
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