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Out of these 2, which one would you choose as woods gun and why?
I have all 3 10mm Glocks. The G40 replaced my G20 as and for a dedicated 'woods'/trail/boonies/camping gun.


The 6.2" barrel yields somewhat higher velocities than the G20's 4.6" tube. Longer slide = longer sight radius with the irons, and the MOS capability gives you the option to handgun hunt. But for right now mine is being run sans an optic. I swapped out the adjustable plastic factory sights for fixed steel Trijicons (green frt/orange rear).

Of my three 10mm Glocks, the trigger on the G40 is easily the best. To me it seems smoother and a bit lighter when dry-firing the guns side-by-side. Maybe it's a Gen4 thing (?). Dunno for sure, but my G40 is also the most accurate of the three. So the better trigger must contribute somewhat to producing tighter groups.

It's carried afield in a Diamond-D center-chest rig, loaded up 15+1 with handloads: 220gn poly-coated hard cast FP slugs that replicate Underwood's and DT's velocities with their 10mm 220gn HC ammo (about 1200fps +/-). The poly-coating makes the FP boolits slick to feed up the ramp, while also preventing lead build-up in the factory tube.

Out in the bramble bush where the Big Snappers and the Meth-heads roam, there's no such thing as 'overpenetration' ... nor 'overkill.'

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