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Thanks, I checked both links and had no idea until your responses that there was such diversity in the slug game. The mid range 1200 Feds seem a viable option. I will check for them at a big gun store (Larry's) over in Huntsville. Locally, the only options are 1 oz hi-vels and the occassional 1 oz/1200 variety. A couple of inches high a 50yd would be ideal, we shall see what happens.

I like your label of a "walk-about " 12 ga. There really is very little to this gun, it is truly diminutive. And I got it and some buckshot for SD very affordably. I am basically an archer and rifleman/carbine for deer, but a stubby, smoothbore seems appealing as a close deer thumper, and I like the versatility a shotgun offers with a variety loads as a truck gun.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.
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