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Bullet 1 original sample, sized to .356" length is .480"
Bullet 2 my casting, sized to .356" length is .373"
Both are tumble lubed

The bullet I have here from #1 does have a knob on the bottom from the spru cut off. So I am going to say they are the same length.

The original sample loads, #1, had to be loaded to .960 or they would not turn or drop out when turned upside down.

#2 my casting seated to .960 would not chamber in the S&W EZ, and would not plunk into or out of the barrel. Yet when then loaded to .970" they would chamber and plunk.

So gun is S&W EZ380. With bullet #1 it would not pass plunk test unless set to .960" COAL. At this lenght bullet and round performed admirably in this gun. Then loaded bullet #2 to same spec and lost all function in this gun. Moved bullet back to .970" and will once again pass the plunk test. Will spin in the barrel and drop.

I have thought about and considered a difference in the alloy as his are range scrap and mine are COWW's. So the thought that his are softer and are swaging down upon seating while mine at that depth are bulging the case enough to prevent seating in the chamber fully. Though this does not explain why one bullet will only chamber when seated to .960" but won't chamber at .970" and the other bullet is the exact opposite.

Again, as-is I cannot measure a difference between the 2 bullets.
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