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QuickLOAD doesn't do CUP, only psi. But if you look at the SAAMI MAPs in CUP and psi for this cartridge, they are 46,000 CUP and 51,000 psi. Multiplying the CUP by the ratio of the two, we get:

39100 CUP = 43,350 psi
45800 CUP = 50,778 psi

QuickLOAD gives the max load with 168 grain Sierra MatchKing 37,497 psi when I expand the case to get the same velocity Hodgdon did and I use their COL. But there are a number of reasons that can be off. We don't know how the lot of the powder QuickLOAD measured for the task compares to Hodgdon's average lot, so on. Actual as-fired case capacity and actual bore cross-sectional area are unknown to me. I would accept Hodgdon's measured data over the QL pressure prediction, for that reason, or use a Pressure Trace to measure it myself.
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