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I helped do exactly that about 45 years ago in Nevada with a man that thought it would be a very cool round. It was too. But not long after that we started working with the 7-08s.

I can't see ANYTHING the 270/308 Wildcat could do any better then a standard 7-08.

Some folks want to have something no one else has. There is no logical reason for it. They just want it. So I suppose that's a "reason" after all.

Bullets of high quality are made in both .277" and in .284" and both can be driven at about the same speeds. Both will do the same things in the real world.
But spending a LOT more money to have something that no one else has is a "reason" only known to the one spending the money, when what you end up with is not really better in any way.

I guess it would be possible to make a car frame and drive system set up to use 3 tires of the same size and one that was different size so you can be unique, and if you were to spend enough money you could get a differential made to drive the one off-size wheel so it's coverage on the ground would be the same as the other 3 wheels. You'd have something very unique. No one else would have one.

But no one else would want one either, because if you did spend as much money as needed to get it to do as well as a standard car with 4 wheels of the same size, you'd have something "just as good" and you'd have the only one ------- that was far more expensive---- and JUST AS GOOD.

Just as!
No better mind you.
But Just as good.

I see no merit in the idea............but that's just me.
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