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But still that does not explain why the longer seated bullet will now reliably seat whereas the others would hit the rifling.
Having a longer seated bullet that plunk tests good and a shorter length that does not has nothing to do with the rifling. It is likely a bulge in the case at the base of the bullet. The case walls taper slightly thicker toward the case head. Seating the bullet deeper causes a bulge that is wider. The new cast bullet is just enough harder alloy to not deform the bullet during seating. The only other possibility I can think of is that the mold you got is throwing a slightly longer bullet. Measure the new and old and make sure they are the same length. If the new bullets are longer, the same problem would present.

After typing this I reread the line that I quoted....when you say "others" that the new bullets seated deeper, or the old bullets seated further out? If it is the new bullets, are you seeing marks on the bullet from the rifling?
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