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Ultimately, I am trying to get the gun to shoot to point of aim w/o kicking me silly in the process. It is now on target with hi-vels. This older Mossberg has from the get go shot high, but by removing the sliding leaf from the rear sight, I've gained sufficient adjustment to get on target at 50 yds with hi-vel slugs and am going to go with that. The gun is not tapped for a scope and I don't really want an optic on it anyhow. The front sight is one unit, apparently soldered to the barrel, no dove tail or simple manner to swap out front sights for a different height.

The stubby Mossberg is a vicious kicker with the hi-vel slugs. Honestly, it is the worst firearm recoil wise I've ever shot, and I attribute that to its stubby barrel and light weight alloy receiver. Though I don't want to, I see a stock docking and a top end recoil pad in its future. The steel framed, 20" rifle sighted Remingtons we shot regularly for quals at work were far more pleasant to shoot. The managed recoil slugs were an experiment to see if they would shoot to point of aim in this Mossberg and make the gun more manageable. Iron sights and slugs for me means a 50 yd gun, and the low recoil slugs would have been more than sufficient, but as stated, they shoot too high. and I've no way to get them lower.
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