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With having multiples of each caliber I own I have tried to make it a habit to build my loads so that they work in all guns. So though they may not be optimum for any one gun they will perform satisfactory in all of them. If a bullet won't work I'll load what I have and then move on to something that will. In handgun bullets there is a plethora to chose from.

Again my confusion comes from once having a load that work very well to suddenly not working at all. This second loading of this round has been a complete failure in the EZ pistol after it worked so well previously.

When I originally loaded these I had to seat these down to .965 to get them off the rifling, fully seat and pass the barrel plunk test. This time when seated to that .965" depth they would not plunk and they would not chamber. Though just moving the bullet back out .005" to .970" and they plunk the barrel just fine.

Right now I am working on some new .452" 200gr LSWC that I just cast and as soon as I am finished and get to shoot these I will also get to shoot the 380's I loaded up that were Powder Coated. I have about 50 of those and then another 20 of my tumble lubed loaded longer.
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