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The cow's must have been an auto correct as it should be COWW's.

Somehow I don't think I am being clear with this. The original load developed with the samples I received were loaded to .960" and they fired just fine in the S&W 380EZ. I know this because the day I tested I had left the magazine for the Witness on the bench from when I had the gun apart for plunk testing. So the only gun I test fired these in was the EZ. I shot over 120 of these w/o incident that day and was actually quite pleased with the results I achieved.

After purchasing the same model Lee mold and casting a bunch then sizing and lubing I assembled these the exact same way as previous as the press was still set up from the workup. As I loaded these I would plunk test in the Witness barrel and all was good and assumed that the EZ would also be still good.

Upon test shooting these new bullets that I had cast they performed flawlessly in the Witness though would not run very well in the EZ. I had 2 incidents of jams inside the magazine where the round did not even feed up to the chamber. The many rounds that would not allow the gun to go into full battery.

After returning home is when I retested the rounds for Plunk into the EZ barrel. They would not fully seat and would not drop back out.

So how does a load go from working perfectly fine to not working when the only change that I can think of is the alloy of the bullet? Unfortunately I do not have any of the original loads left, they were working so well I shot them all up. I have never experienced anything like this before.
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