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I had a problem with a 0.356" diameter bullet approximately 3 years ago.

I bought the Lyman mold as it was a bullet design that I wanted to try in 9mm.

The bullet cast 135 gr with my alloy and the cast diameter was 0.358" at a BHN of 9-10.

I loaded maybe 20 of them and decided to check fit to chamber (plunk test them), and none of the loaded rounds would go into the barrel or into battery.

I have an RCBS lube/sizer and a SAECO lube/sizer. I was using the RCBS to size these guys.

Turns out I either had to reduce the OAL to a ridiculously short OAL to get them to fit, but knowing not to do that with such a small sized cartridge, investigated further.

Turns out the front portion was not being correctly sized and was larger in diameter than the base of the bullet.

I don't mind a base being larger than the front, but not the other way around.

What I did to remedy the problem was to size the bullet nose first, or as you might say upside down.

That solved my problem.

If I would buy a push thru sizer die, the problem would be solved as well, but I am not inclined to add more pieces to the arsenal.
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