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Originally Posted by pblanc
I know the OP asked about cartridges with different mass projectiles and the same "powder" load, but I am not sure if the intent of the query was to ask what happened with exactly the same type of powder and charge weight in the same cartridge case.

I had assumed that the intent of the question was to determine what the difference was in recoil was with very similar types of ammunition, say standard pressure (P) FMJ loads in the same caliber made by the same manufacturer. Because commercial ammunition with different projectiles is not loaded with the same exact powder charge and type, nor is it loaded to achieve the same power factor across all different projectile masses. Commercial ammunition is loaded to achieve a desired maximum case pressure per SAAMI standards.
Unless the OP revises the question, why don't we proceed on the basis that what he asked was what he wanted to know, rather than changing the question to what we want to talk about?

I load mostly for .45 ACP. I have a load that uses 5.3 grains of Winchester 231 behind a 230-grain plated lead round-nose bullet. I also have a load that uses the same 5.3 grains of Winchester 231 behind a 185-grain plated lead round-nose bullet. Same cartridge, the exact same powder charge -- which is what the original question asked.

The 185-grain cartridges produce significantly less felt recoil.
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