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Here's an answer based on data. The question was which produces more recoil when they use the same powder load. The answer depends on what actually happens when bullets of different weights get the same load.

The answer is: generally, the heavier bullet will produce more recoil. Now let's qualify that with data. With handgun rounds, generally, the heavier bullet can actually go faster than the light bullet when they are loaded the same.

The data at this link shows what happens when you load different bullet weights with the same powder charge. See Table 2. It is 45 Auto data but there's no reason to think it's different in the 9mm.

Since the heavier bullet is going faster, or at least around the same speed as lighter bullets, it will produce more recoil.

There are some caveats for this data. The bullets need to be the same shape and seated to the same OAL. If you start changing bullet shape or OAL, the answer might change because both of these can have a significant effect on velocity (and pressure) and these can alter the recoil.

The article at that link explains the effect of bullet weight on recoil when the different weights are loaded to the same power factor, something that other folks have mentioned. I won't bother with that since that was not part of the original question.
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