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Will they fit into the gun barrel removed from the frame?

Per below, that was my experience, I got a 9mm gauge, most head stamps did not work. One head stamp did.

All fit fine in the barrel.

I could tell if they would fit by how the mis-fit (up 1/4 inch or so) in the gauge, more than that and they did not fit in the barrel.

Life is too short to figure it out, find a fix, go on and shoot!

The gauges lays in a drawer gathering dust.

I have had negative experiences with the two cartridge gauges I own, so they now reside in a drawer somewhere in my shop. The gauges are made to smaller SAAMI dimensions so perfectly good ammo sometimes won't gauge. Just use the barrel of your gun as a gauge and "Plunk Test" them. If your handloads won't plunk, then measure. Measure the cartridge (diameter in a few places, measure OAL, and make sure the bullets aren't too big.).
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