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People may indeed exaggerate how much damage an animal sustained or how long it lived... but I have seen examples myself that I wouldn’t easily believe had I not observed first hand. I think there’s at least as much if not more exaggeration out there about “drt” kills. I find myself highly skeptical of hunters claiming that about everything they shoot just drops in it’s tracks. Such widely circulated ego-stoking B.S. is why we see people even in this thread surprised at double lung shot deer covering 100 yards or more. That is nothing remarkable. They’re fast. They’re brain isn’t dead just yet. Muscles can exert their greatest forces via anaerobic means for a short intense burst. My buck this year was double lunged with a .300 wm with 180 nosler b-tips. Massive exit, so much blood. Ran in a drunken manner about 40-50 yards, stopped, and fell over stone dead. To me this is perfect performance. To those who ascribe magic killing power to anything that ends in “magnum” or has a polymer tip, this might have been upsetting. More often than not they run. Even with shoulders broke. In my experience they run even further with heart hits than they do with lung hits. I’m not that old but I’ve seen enough and listened to others enough to know that it’s foolish to assume that making a good shot guarantees short or no tracking. That is why if I’ve made a hit and the animal is still in view and not dead, I keep shooting. Some have told me this is senseless meat wasting. When I was 17 I made this assumption. Once. A lost animal that certainly did die of its injury but not before making it to the river left a much sicker feeling in my stomach than a few pounds of bloodshot meat (if that) on a recovered animal dispatched as quickly and humanely as possible.
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